Kono's Cafe opened in July of 1991. Kathy and Steve, who previously owned Lamont Street Grill, decided to open a new daytime restaurant more suited to their second job as parents. The concept started with the unbeatable location by Crystal Pier. They wanted to draw families and tourists to an area more known for its biker bars. Inspired by a small eatery in Ensenada, they intended to open a Mexican restaurant that offered cone shaped tacos, giving Kono's its name.

The opportunity to open their new restaurant came before they were able to start renovations on the historic building, built in the 1920's. In the meantime, they decided to keep it simple with classic American fare with a few Southern California twists. The idea for egg burritos, a rarity at the time, came from summers in Baja where they would have fresh tortillas with every meal, including breakfast.

By the time they were able to start renovations, it seemed their simple concept had struck a chord - especially with the local surfers, who were the first Kono's regulars. Many of their ideas made their way into the menu. Working with Jim of Crystal Pier, Kono's expanded its operation and the area began to thrive, becoming what it is today.

In July of 2016 Kathy and Steve partnered with longtime manager Pablo to open a new location, Konito's, in the Pacific Plaza Shopping center. Together they brought the same commitment to quality and service to an "inland" location.


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Due to the ongoing support of the Pacific Beach community, as well as the dedication of the world's best crew headed by the amazing Martín, Kono's has remained a San Diego Favorite since 1991.